Filling in the guest numbers

You can enter the number of guests using the dashboard menu. This helps to properly compare the occupancy to the amount of waste.

By entering your number of guests, you can view the total numbers in the "total weight per week" graph. This wil also allow a feature to calculate the "waste per guest" for you. 

Why is this useful?

  1. Use it as a measuring tool to compare busy and quiet periods.
  2. Use it to optimize your budget by including the cost and food waste per guest in your calculation. 

Steps how do I enter my number of guests?

  1. Go to the menu on the left of the screen and select 'guests'.

Screenshot 2022-04-20 at 11.08.28

2. When you place the cursor on a day, you can enter the number of guests or indicate that you are closed.
Screenshot 2022-04-20 at 11.17.59

3. Always save your changes.

NOTE: The red exclamation mark indicates that you have not yet saved the latest changes.

Screenshot 2022-04-20 at 11.24.18

Fill in guest amounts per day part?

Entering guest numbers is currently set to entering totals. Do you prefer to enter dayparts? Then change your settings in the Opening hours and dayparts

- Scroll down

- Click on "Fill in guest amounts per day part?"

Screenshot 2022-04-20 at 11.39.40

Screenshot 2022-04-20 at 11.39.47

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