How do I use the Categories graph?

Using the chart and data.

The category & ingredients chart provides an overview of food waste per category per day. You can easily see which category has the most kilograms of waste, the highest costs and the associated CO2 emissions.

By clicking on the category you can view the corresponding ingredient list. Use the chart for setting goals. 

How do I use the graph

The video below shows the interaction with the graph. You can click on the categories in the chart to see the corresponding ingredients and how much of them you throw away

HubSpot Video


Whit the category graph you can easyily set goals. For example you can take the goal to reduce X number of kilos in a certain category. Download the current graph and compare it with the a situation in 6 weeks time. You can determine the category you want to work with in 3 ways:

  1. The category in which you have the most food waste,
  2. The category that is the most expensive, with which you can save the most costs.
  3. Or on the basis of CO2 emissions, if that is important for your company.

You can save the chart by:

  • Click on 'print page' at the top right of the dashboard
  • Take a screenshot of the graph in question.

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