Inspiration: reusing fruit

Tips and ideas for reusing fruit

Almost half (45%) of the fruit produced is lost. Such a pity! That is why we have listed a number of practical tips as inspiration for reusing fruit
Vergeten gewassen, lelijk fruit

  1. Fruit dressing with oil, vinegar and a sweetener (sugar/honey). The dressing can be used with pasta, fruit or vegetable salads. Some combinations are:

    • Mango / yogurt
    • Cranberry / red fruit
    • Strawberry / basil
    • Red fruit / lime
    • Orange / honey / mustard
    • Raspberry / balsamic
    • Lemon / thyme
    • Apple / peach


  2. Make cake or bread from overripe fruits, such as:
  • Banana bread
  • Blueberry muffin
  • Peach yoghurt cake

3.    Grill pieces of pineapple or peach as a side dish. 

4.    Turn bananas or apples into chips.
5.    Serve mixed fruit salads. 
6.    Make tutti frutti from leftover apple, apricot, plum and figs. (4)

7.   Fresh tea or iced tea. You can also use leftover or oddly shaped fruit for this. Puree the fruit and let it steep in water, before serving, drain it and you will have clear flavoured water


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