Poster | Saving food waste in the canteen or at the buffet.

In this article we share a number of posters that you can use to inform and inspire your guests to reduce food waste.

You can hang the following posters at your buffet, in front of a self-service station or at the canteen where guests see sandwiches in the shop window. Download the poster and possibly add your own logo. 

TIP: Laminate the poster to make it last longer.


Poster 1                                                                            Poster 2
Poster - Encourage to reduce waste on buffet ENGELS                   Poster - Encourage to reduce waste on buffet ENG

Download this poster                                                  Download this poster

Poster 3 
Encourage to reduce food waste ENG
Download this poster


Do you have other ideas for a poster?  Let us know and we can create that too. We love to tie in with our customers. Mail to or WhatsApp via +31 302270651
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