Seasonal cooking? Yes!

Tips, tricks and benefits of seasonal cooking

By reducing your food waste you make a positive impact on the environment. Nearly all vegetables are available all year round, but it is not always the best option... How do you think about that? We share 4 benefits of season cooking. To inspire you we also have a few tips for dishes. 

4 benefits of seasonal cooking

  1. Positive environmental impact! Fresh products do not have to fly all over the world to reach your restaurant.
  2. Saving on costs. You pay fewer costs for transport.
  3. Varied offer. By using fresh seasonal products, your buffet or menu always offers new possibilities
  4. Support the local economy. Vegetables and fruit that are in 'season' come from our own country and therefore you support our farmers and local entrepreneurs.

Dishes for spring or summer

  • A grilled fruit or vegetable salad. Grill the leftover vegetables and turn them into a salad, this salad never has to be the same. 
  • Do you have too much pasta or rice? Make it into a cold salad. 
  • Use bruised or overripe apples for applesauce.
  • The leftover potatoes can form a (cold) potato salad for lunch or dinner.  
  • Vary snacks by offering wraps. Fill the wraps with leftover chicken or fish and cream cheese with herbs and vegetables.

Dishes for autumn or winter

  • Quiche. In the fall and winter, you can use the leftover vegetables to make a quiche. 
  • Make vegetable chips from parsnips, carrots or kale. This way, you can offer an extra snack during lunch or dinner, for example. The crunchy vegetables are also nice and tasty as a garnish over the soup. 
  • Make vegetable cakes from, for example, leftover pumpkin, carrot or zucchini. Mix this with warm spices like cinnamon and cloves for a winter feeling.

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