Tips for cooling down ingredients

Arranging the refrigeration efficiently is a challenge. We have listed a number of simple tips for you

Smart arrangement of the refrigerator

  • Check the refrigerator every day for products that are about to expire and use these first. 
  • Do you have a large refrigerator? Then think carefully about the walking route and location of the products that you often use.
  • Arrange your refrigerator in a smart way by placing together all the products that are often used together.
  • Place meat and fish at the bottom of your refrigerator, so that they cannot leak onto other products.

Serving and cooling down products

  • Be on time when it comes to re-cooling dishes that are outside the refrigerator. Make this someone’s responsibility!
  • Prepare dishes on request. Think of good communication through a sign so that your guests know that they may have to wait a while but will receive a fresh meal.
  • Think about the amount you refill when something runs out. For example, don't just make 10 extra sandwiches at the end of the lunch period. 

TIP: Prepare dishes faster on request by storing the ingredients close to each other in the refrigerator.

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