Using production schedules

Production schedules help prevent food waste. Do you make optimal use of production schedules?

Making production schedules provides clarity in the team. It is clear for each dish who does the preparation, which ingredients are needed and when it must be prepared. Do you make optimal use of the production schedules? Take a critical look at the benefits and how the process is currently going. There are many benefits to be gained by properly executing production schedules. Proper preparation is half the battle.

Benefits of production schedules

  • You save costs by making targeted purchases and ordering precise quantities. 
  • The team works together efficiently. They know what to do themselves and they know that about each other. 
  • You save on wastage. The team knows exactly when and how many products they have to get from the fridge/freezer. You prevent products from being out of the refrigerator for too long.

Three steps

  1. Make the production schedules, which gives clarity about the quantities needed for the dishes. Working by feeling is fun and passionate, but results in more food waste.
  2. Inform the team about the production schedules. Do this for every shift, this way you create a habit and everyone stays involved. 
  3. Use the schedules! Planning alone is not enough. You must use the schedules every day to take advantage of their benefits. Use the schedules to improve purchasing, production and collaboration. 

Take a critical look at your process, you can ask yourself the following:

  • How is the production of dishes communicated?
  • What does the process of a typical working day look like?
  • On the basis of which factors is the purchase done?
  • How is it determined which dishes are made?

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