The proper use of the monitor

7 tips with examples of do's & don'ts with the Orbi!

Properly using the monitor results in the most accurate data, we share 7 points of attention. 

1. Always take a photo

The image recognition technology recognizes the food that you discard by taking a photo. If no photo is taken, we have no information about the weight increase in the bin. You will see this on the dashboard as unphotographed weight. Is your percentage of registered weight above 85%? Well done! If it is less, please contact us for advice.

Unphotographed weight occurs when the employee does not take a photo but the scale does measure a weight gain.

2. Do not lean on the bin/ scale

The scale measures the weight of the monitor just before and just after the picture was taken. The moment you stand or lean on the monitor, the calculation is no longer correct. This means that the weight of the food you discard is incorrect. This way, you cannot see how many kilograms of each ingredient has been thrown away.

3. Make sure the monitor is 'unobstructed'

To measure weight accurately, the monitor cannot lean on anything standing next to it or against it. If the bin is leaning on something, the weight reading will be lighter. Thus, you can assume that you have little food waste, but you have much more waste in reality.

4. Present food clearly

The image recognition technology (AI) recognizes everything that the human eye also recognizes. So do not present food stacked together if it contains different types of ingredients. The food on the bottom is not visible, and thus you do not know exactly which food is actually being discarded.

5. Present the food at the correct height

There is no need to present the food towards the camera. Just present the food at the height of the LED strip at the front of the bin


6. Wait until the photo has been taken

Do not be too quick to discard it. Otherwise, the monitor will take a photo of the back of the plate or container. Then the food that has been discarded is not visible, and the monitor will measure a weight increase.

7. Only take a photo if you are going to discard something immediately

The monitor registers the photo and the weight in 5 seconds. This time frame is sufficient to photograph food and discard it in the bin without taking too much time. Make sure that there is not too much time between taking the photo and discarding it. For example, if you need to remove the packaging, do that first and then take the photo. This way, you avoid false registrations.


We like to learn from practice and are, therefore, curious about your story. Do you have more tips, or would you like to comment on the content of this article? Share your experience with us by sending an e-mail to

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