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How do I teach temporary workers to use Orbisk properly?

Tips & tricks to properly explain the Orbisk process to temporary employees.

Do you have a lot of temporary workers or temporary employees in your organization that you want to get involved in the Orbisk process properly and quickly? Or do you want to explain your current employees again. In this article we give 4 tips to introduce Orbisk.

1. Share your vision

Explain your vision, so that it is clear to the employee why you have chosen to reduce food waste with the monitor. It is not a control mechanism and we are not pointing fingers, you can reduce food waste together! Registering provides insight into your food waste flows, so that you can set targeted goals together to reduce unnecessary food waste.

2. Show the instruction video

The instructional video on the monitor demonstrates the operating instructions.
Show the instructional video on the monitor to (new) employees. You do this by:
  • Clicking on the left button at the bottom of the screen. The button looks like 'i'.

3. Pair with a buddy

Link the temporary employee to a permanent employee who is familiar with and enthusiastic about reducing food waste. The buddy system ensures the engagement with the team, which ensures productive employees.

4. Sign the commitment document

Have everyone on the team sign the commitment document. By this we mean both permanent and temporary employees. Signing the commitment document emphasizes the importance of working together. For example, the staff feels that this is not just a 'must have', but that everyone is equally involved and important in this process. Reducing food waste is something you do together, not alone.

We like to learn from practice and are, therefore, curious about your story. Do you have more tips or would you like to comment on the content of this article? Share your experience with us by sending an e-mail to support@orbisk.com
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