How to use the monitor?

Register your food waste in just 3 steps.

Use the monitor in three simple steps. Want to know more about what photos we do and do not recognize? Read the article 'The proper use of the monitor'.

How to take a photo:

Step 1: Present the food at the (green) LED light.

Step 2: Wait 2 seconds for the beeb, the automatic photo is taken. 

* Is the LED strip orange? Then present the food lower; it is now too close to the camera.

* Is the LED strip blue? The monitor is processing the photo. Do not place anything in front of the camera.

Stap 3: Throw the food in the bin. 

To get an impression, click here to see the poster. Hang the poster next to the monitor or hand it out so that the team is well informed about how to use the monitor.

Are you still left with questions after reading this article? Feel free to send us an e-mail to or call us on +31 302270651.

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