What waste do you want to measure with Orbisk?

The monitor measures & registers every weight that comes on the scale, the artificial intelligence filters the information. In this article we explain what you can throw away in the bin and which waste streams you prefer to measure with Orbisk.

What waste can be thrown away?

Generally speaking you can throw everything in the bin, keep in mind that the monitor registers any increase in weight. A weight gain without a photo is registered as 'unphotographed weight'.

Just think twice whether it is wise to throw away non-food items in the bin. Your goal is to reduce food waste and that is only possible if your percentage of unphotographed weight is as low as possible. 

NOTE: Still want to throw away non-food items in the bin? Then ALWAYS make a picture! The artificial intelligence does not recognize the products, but it does identify that it is not food. This means that this weight is automatically deducted from total weight of food waste.


Which waste do you want to measure?

Your goal is to create an overview of your food waste streams. You want to make clear which foods you throw away the most. This way you can create specific goals to reduce your food waste. You cannot prevent cutting waste, which is why you want to measure the waste that has been produced too much in the kitchen (or comes back from buffets/catering).

Do photograph cutting waste when you throw it in the bin, this will be displayed in a separate category in your dashboard, so that your percentage of 'unphotographed' weight remains as low as possible.

Are you still left with questions after reading this article? Feel free to send us an e-mail to support@orbisk.com or call us on +31 302270651.

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