Banqueting: tips for collaboration & communication

How do I minimise the waste of banqueting? Banqueting is a major source of food waste; about 20 to 50% is lost

With the following 5 tips on communication & collaboration, you can make a difference!

1. Increase guest engagement

You increase the engagement of the guest by communicating well. If you explain that you are working on reducing food waste, the guest is willing to help. Use our article on why reducing food waste is important, to communicate to your guests. 

2. Change the conversation

By changing the conversation from food waste to financial benefits, you can convince the client. Food waste is caused by loss or overproduction, this is lost turnover for the company. In addition, you can use the savings on purchase as an investment for other service developments. 

3. Communicate with the reservation department

How do you communicate about the reservations made? Ensure a clear communication process between the kitchen and the department that makes the reservations. It is important that the reservation department informs you in good time if anything changes in the reservation. 

TIP: Is it a reservation for, for example, a lunch meeting? Make the person who reserved this lunch and then forgot to cancel aware! For example, send a standard e-mail afterwards in which you state that the lunch caused extra waste. 

4. Pre-order of individual lunch

Have the group order in advance. This way you make them responsible for their order and you know how much they themselves think they eat. Inform well about the portion size of dishes, so that the guest does not order too much or too little as a result of miscommunication. In this way, you reduce the chance of a surplus of food. 

5. Engage the employees

Increase employee awareness about food waste. As soon as the employees feel that they have more knowledge, they feel more engaged. Engaged employees are committed to the company's objectives. For example, when making a reservation, the employee can already communicate with the guest that it is important to keep food waste to a minimum. 


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