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Making employees enthusiastic about Orbisk!

Tips & tricks to get employees involved in food waste reduction.

Engaged employees have financial and practical advantages for the entire organisation. Because employees feel involved, they are more committed to achieving results. Optimal employee engagement helps you reduce food waste. Below are five tips that you can use to increase employee engagement.

  1. Create a vision

    Explain why the location has chosen to install the food waste monitor. It is not an inspection, and we do not criticize anyone! Registering is a way to make smart adjustments, whereby the team's help is essential. 
  2. Communicate regularly

    Choose an interactive form of communication, such as scheduling a monthly meeting or brainstorming session. Let the team think along about possible solutions and initiatives to reduce food waste. 
  3. Sign the commitment document

    Screenshot 2022-07-19 at 11.41.42-1Before Orbisk comes to install the monitor, it is helpful to have everyone on the team sign the commitment document. This includes the staff, the kitchen staff and the management. Signing the commitment document emphasizes the importance of working together. It gives the staff the feeling that this is not just a 'must do', but that everyone is equally engaged and important in the process. Reducing food waste is something you do together, not alone
  4. Celebrate the results

    Show the results and emphasize the impact that working together has on reducing food waste. This form of recognition and appreciation ensures that employees remain committed to the cause.
  5. Appoint Food ambassadors

    Increase employee involvement and responsibility by appointing 'Food Ambassadors'. Give this person the assignment to think about how the location can reduce food waste. 

We like to learn from practice and are, therefore, curious about your story. Do you have more tips or would you like to comment on the content of this article? Share your experience with us by sending an e-mail to support@orbisk.com

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